Pacific Whiting

Pacific Whiting


Scientific Name: Merluccius productus

The most abundant species on the West Coast is Pacific Whiting. Commonly called Whiting, Hake, or Northern hake, these silvery fish can grow to three feet in length and can be found between Vancouver Island and Northern California. Whiting have traditionally been used for Surimi manufacturing, including imitation crabmeat. Pre-ordering your containers is recommended, as this product tends to sell quickly.

Bornstein Quality

Bornstein’s specializes in the high intensity short whiting season which generally begins June 15th and lasts about fifteen days. Our dedicated production team has years of experience making sure product from this fast paced fishery is of the highest quality. We pack frozen HGT and fillets.

Primary Source

Waters off the West Coast ranging from Vancouver Island in the North to the Gulf of California in the South.

Product Forms

  • Headed, Gutted, and Tailed (HGT)

  • Fillets


  • California season begins May 1st

  • West Coast begins June 15th

Selling Points

  • Large volume landings produce inexpensive finished product.

  • Clean, mild taste make a perfect base to create a meal around.

  • In surimi form, whiting can be used in salads, sushi, and soup to provide an alternative.

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