Scientific Name: Anoplopoma fimbria

One of the oiliest and richest white fish available, discerning chefs revere Sablefish for its sweet flavor profile. Similar in texture to Chilean sea-bass, Sablefish, or blackcod, is a deep water species that thrives off the West Coast of North America. Blackcod is brought ashore by Trawlers or Long Liners, “J-Cut” (named for the Japanese style of cutting at a 45 degree angle along the collar) and immediately sold fresh, or blast frozen to seal in oils.

Bornstein Quality

Since 1934, Bornstein Seafoods has produced quality groundfish products including Sablefish. As one of the largest primary processors, our experience provides a consistent supply source that meets excellence when paired with our production team. Attention to detail means customers are assured quality J-Cut fish for either domestic or export sales.

Primary Source

Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California and British Columbia

Product Forms

  • Frozen J-Cut

  • Fresh J-Cut

  • Fillets


  • All Year

Selling Points

  • Try grilling, baking, smoking or in sashimi

  • Sablefish is perfect for beginning chefs as it’s difficult to overcook

  • Rich in Taste, with high omega-3 oil content makes Blackcod a heart healthy choice

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