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Wildly Better Since 1934


Bornstein Seafoods has always been family-owned and that gives us the freedom to do whatever it takes to deliver the finest quality seafood. It is this independence that allows us to put our customers, employees, and the responsible treatment of our ocean resources first.

The Bornstein Story

Myer A. Bornstein founded Bornstein Seafoods in 1934, during the Great Depression. The fledgling company cut its teeth in that rough and tumble time of give and take, eager to survive and make its mark in a world of turmoil and adversity. Hard work, commitment, and slogans like “If you don’t trade with us, we both lose money!” were the order of the day.

Myer Jay Bornstein, known as “Jay” in the industry, took the helm from his father in 1980. Under Jay’s leadership the company expanded its presence throughout the West Coast—with processing capabilities and buying stations that stretch from South East Alaska through Canada, Washington, Oregon, and down to Northern California.

In 2010, Bornstein Seafoods passed leadership of the company to its third generation – Jay’s three sons Kyle, Colin and Andrew Bornstein. With Colin serving as CEO, together they plan to continue Bornstein’s growth initiatives by focusing on Quality, Productivity, Professionalism, and Teamwork with staff, fishing partners, and customers. Bornstein Seafoods remains one of the oldest corporations in the industry because of our commitment to this philosophy.



Seafood is best wild. That’s why we set out for the source—the untamed sea. From the deep, cold rolling waves to the center of the plate, you can count on wildly delicious goodness prepared by caring masters of the craft. Whether you serve seafood raw, cooked, baked, fried, or grilled—taste the difference that wild makes.




We are ONE. A united, yet diverse team.


We CARE for the sea, the species, our partners, customers, the product, and each other.


We are QUALITY. We produce, package, and market the best tasting seafood products available.



Bornstein Seafoods sustainability policy is to purchase based upon harvest methods that meet strict management guidelines; to secure equitable sharing amongst all users, and to maintain our ecosystem for future generations in the Pacific Northwest.

Core to fulfilling these policies are our 20, 30, and even 40 year employees and their family members who can be found filleting and packaging fish, picking crab and shrimp meat, and selling our Bornstein product lines globally. Whether it’s donating time and resources to programs like the Clatsop County Fisheries Program or researching new packaging technology to reduce our carbon footprint, Bornstein Seafoods employees are engaged in making innovative choices that help us move towards the best sustainable practices.


Bornstein Seafoods also partners with the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) to help promote sustainable fishing practices and seafood traceability. All of our processing facilities are certified by the MSC and among the many species we process, five have received MSC certification — Albacore Tuna, Dungeness Crab, Oregon Pink Shrimp, Sardines and Pacific Whiting.