Cold Water Shrimp

Cold Water Shrimp


Scientific Name: Pandalus jordani

Sustainable and delicious, a perfect way to add value and pizazz to a menu. Bornstein’s Cold Water Shrimp is perfect in salads, soups, or in your favorite shrimp meat recipe. Recently certified under the Marine Stewardship Council, Oregon shrimp became the first in the world to be deemed a sustainable shrimp fishery.

Bornstein Quality

As one of the largest producers of Pandalus jordani in the world, we offer unsurpassed product quality and consistency due to continuous investment in top of the line production facilities and equipment. State-of-the-art peeling equipment ensures minimal broken meats. Our use of up-to-date freezing technology means superior texture and flavor. Guaranteed fresh availability all season long.

Primary Source

Oregon Coast

Product Forms

Cold Water Shrimp meat is available fresh and frozen in the following forms:

  • IQF Whole Raw

  • Cooked/Peeled 250/350

  • Cooked/Peeled 300/400

  • Cooked/Peeled 350/500

  • Cooked/Peeled 500+


  • April 1 to October 31 in the Pacific Northwest

  • Frozen Product is available year-round

Selling Points

  • Convenience – Shrimp meat is ready to eat.

  • Cache – Shrimp are that little extra with great value for the dollar.

  • Zest – Sweet flavor and bright pink color make perfect additions for sandwiches, salads and cold dishes.

  • Portion Control – IQF products allow users to use only as much as needed at a time.

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