Starry Flounder

Starry Flounder –Platichthys stellatus 

Starry Flounder is a firmer, thicker, flatfish that can be delicate enough for the most sophisticated of presentations, yet is large enough it can hold up on the grill or barbeque.
Bornstein Quality: Bornstein can deliver Starry Flounder HG&T for the value added customers, a portion controlled bag program for the large retail chain customer, or whole round fresh off the boat.  Give us a call and let us know your specs, and we’ll prove how we can deliver a consistent supply of exactly what you need.
Primary Source: Starry Founder range along the Pacific coast of North America from Alaska to Santa Barbara, California, and from the Bering Sea, Alaska to Japan.
→Fresh Fillets
→Fresh Whole
→Fresh HGT (Headed, Gutted, Tailed)
→Frozen HGT (Headed, Gutted, Tailed)
→Frozen IQF Fillets
→Frozen IQF Round
→All Year, however more abundant in spring and summer.
→Mild flavor
→Firmer texture than other flatfish
→Abundant and sustainable
→Excellent source of protein

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