Sablefish – Anoplopoma fimbria

One of the oiliest and richest white fish available, discerning chefs revere sablefish for its sweet flavor profile. Similar in texture to Chilean sea-bass, sablefish, or blackcod, is a deep water species that thrives off the West Coast of North America. Blackcod is brought ashore by Trawlers or Long Liners, “J-Cut” (named for the Japanese style of cutting at a 45 degree angle along the collar) and immediately sold fresh, or blast frozen to seal in oils.
Bornstein Quality: Since 1934, Bornstein Seafoods has produced quality groundfish products including Sablefish. As one of the largest primary processors, our experience provides a consistent supply source that meets excellence when paired with our production team. Attention to detail means customers are assured quality J-Cut fish for either domestic or export sales.
Primary Source: Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California and British Columbia
→ Frozen J-Cut
→ Fresh J-Cut
→ Fillets
→ All Year
→ Try grilling, baking, smoking or in sashimi
→ Sablefish is perfect for beginning chefs as it’s difficult to overcook
→ Rich in Taste, with high omega-3 oil content makes Blackcod a heart healthy choice

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