Rockfish – sabastes sp.

Rockfish is the generic term for the 102 species in the Sebastes family. The majority thrive on the ocean shelf off the West Coast. A few species are strictly managed allowing their stocks to rebuild. However the majority of rockfish stocks are healthy and thriving. From Hard Heads to Chili Peppers, Canaries to Pacific Ocean Perch, call today to learn about the diverse and numerous sales opportunities for wonderful wild rockfish. To learn more about individual species of rockfish use this study guide and play the rockfish matching game.
Bornstein Quality: With over seventy years in the groundfish industry Bornstein Seafoods is familiar with rockfish. Bornstein Seafoods Canada enables us to source product consistently from both the West coast of the U.S. and British Columbia. Whether you are looking for whole red rock for display cases or fillets for retail ads we have the ability to handle any volume.
Primary Source: Oregon, Washington, California and British Columbia
Fresh Whole Round
Fresh Fillets
Frozen Whole Round
Frozen Round Gilled and Gutted
Frozen Fillets
All Year
Firm thick fillets and delicate sweet flavor make Pacific Rockfish perfect for numerous preparation types.
Flaky texture makes rockfish perfect for fish tacos or fish ‘n chips.
Over 20 species make up the rockfish category creating a consistent supply all year.

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