Rex Sole

Rex Sole- Glyptocephalus zachirus

Rex Sole is another tasty fish in the Sole family that can be a great addition to any program or menu. Traditionally “Pan Ready” Rex Sole has been the processing form of choice, which is a method that leaves the bones and skin on, however the “frills” are trimmed off either side.
Bornstein Quality:  Available year round as fresh or frozen fillets as well as whole round, abundance generally increasing in summer months. Call Bornstein’s today to see how you could include Rex into your program and sales channels.
Primary Source:   Alaska, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia
→Fresh Fillets
→Fresh Whole
→”Pan Ready” Fresh or Frozen
→Frozen IQF Fillets
→Frozen IQF Round
→All Year
→Mild delicate flavor.
→Year round availability means consistent supply.
→Excellent source of protein.
→Abundant and sustainable.

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