Petrale Sole

Petrale Sole- Eopsetta jordani

Petrale Sole is the Cadillac of the Sole family on the West Coast of the USA. Larger and firmer than other soles, Petrale can hold up to almost all cooking techniques.
Bornstein Quality:  Petrale Sole is available year round as fresh or frozen fillets as well as whole round. Flash frozen immediately upon reaching the shore, Frozen Petrale Fillets are a wonderful substitute for halibut or other expensive white fish for high end restaurants.
Primary Source:  Alaska, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia
→Fresh Fillets
→Fresh Whole
→Frozen Fillets 4-8 oz., 8-16 oz.
→Frozen IQF Fillets
→Frozen IQF Round
→All Year
→Mild delicate flavor.
→Year round availability means consistent supply.
→Excellent source of protein.
→Abundant and sustainable.

Bellingham, WA | Astoria, OR | Newport, OR