Pacific Sardines

Pacific Sardines – Sardinops sagax

North Pacific Sardines, caught from Oregon to British Columbia, are some of the oiliest and richest sardines in the entire world. Once the most popular fish consumed in North America, sardines are experiencing a resurgence as a delicacy. Perfect for canning and grilling, these sardines are also sought after by the global tuna fleet, as it turns out even the fish have a discerning preference for quality products! Call today to pre-order, as our sardines generally sell out before the boats even leave the dock!
North Pacific Sardines are typically harvested from July through September, and are considered a high intensity fishery. The season is very short, with a large volume of sardines landed daily until the yearly quota is met.
Bornstein Quality: Our knowledge and experience with this fast paced fishery means we are ready to process once the season arrives. Close contact with the fleet daily allows us to unload immediately once a boat arrives. Once unloaded, sardines are stored in a slush ice with 5% salt water and processed within 24 hours.
Primary Source: Oregon, Washington and British Columbia – Canada
→ 50# Fresh Boxes
→ 10kg Frozen
→ July – September
→ High in omega-3 oils
→ Global commodity means many different preparation styles
→ Large catch volume creates a comparatively low price to other fish species

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