Pacific Cod

Pacific Cod- Gadus macrocephalus

Pacific Cod, can be called True or Gray Cod as well depending on your location. True Cod is the fish used in most West Coast restaurants as the classic “Fish n Chips”. Firm and Flaky, True Cod is a very versatile fish that will hold up to most all types of cooking techniques.
Bornstein Quality:  Available year round as fresh or frozen fillets as well as whole round, abundance generally increasing in spring months. The West Coast fleet will “bleed” these fish at sea to increase the quality of the meat, and many restaurateurs prefer this fish simply gutted so that they can take advantage of the whole fish.
Primary Source:   Alaska, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia
→Fresh Fillets
→Fresh Whole Gutted
→Frozen IQF Fillets
→Frozen IQF Whole Gutted
→All Year
→Mild delicate flavor.
→Year round availability means consistent supply.
→Excellent source of protein.
→Abundant and sustainable.

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