English Sole

English Sole – Parophrys vetulus

English Sole, very similar to Dover Sole yet even more delicate in texture and flavor. While very abundant, English Sole lives amongst other fish whose stocks are currently being rebuilt, making it a difficult fish to harvest in large volumes.
Bornstein Quality:  Usually caught on short trips by Trawlers during the spring and summer months, English Sole is best served fresh or quickly flash frozen to preserve the delicate nature of the fish. Typically sold in fillet form, we are capable of producing either block or IQF frozen whole round fish as well.
Primary Source:  Alaska, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia
→ Fresh Fillets
→ Fresh Whole
→ Frozen IQF Fillets
→ Frozen IQF Round
→ All Year
→ Mild delicate flavor.
→ Year round availability means consistent supply.
→ Excellent source of protein.
→ Abundant and sustainable.

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