Dungeness Crab

Dungeness Crab – Cancer magister

Bornstein Quality: Bornstein’s ranks as one of the most respected brands in the business with a consistent over-pack to ensure you never come up short. To ensure the highest quality product, our buyers and production technicians meet the boats at our docks to inspect the catch to insure proper handling. This vast buying and processing network assures consistent supply and competitive pricing. Because we use state of the art freezing technology to produce our frozen products – our frozen crabmeat products taste just like fresh. Large buying capacity and high volume distribution means consistent supply of fresh and frozen Dungeness.
Product LineBornstein Seafoods’ Dungeness Crab lines include Fresh/Frozen Wholecooks, Frozen Clusters, and Crab Meat.
Primary Source: Bornstein Seafood’s Dungeness Crab comes from Alaska, California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia.
→ FRESH WHOLE COOKS: Whole cooks graded Ocean Run, 2 lbs & up
→ MEAT FRESH: 5 oz cups, 1 lb cups, 5 lb cans
→ MEAT FROZEN: 5 lb cans
→ FRY LEGS (upper leg meat) FRESH: 1 lb cups and 5 lb cans
→ FRY LEGS (upper leg meat) FROZEN:  5 lb cans
→ FROZEN WHOLE COOKS: Whole cooks graded Ocean Run, 1.5 – 2 lbs, 2-2.5 lbs, 2.5 lbs & up
→ FROZEN CLUSTERS (Sections): Ocean Run
→ BUFFET CUT: Unscored Legs
→ Northern California: December 1 – June 15
→ Oregon: December 1 – August 15
→ Washington State: December 1 – September 15 (Opening may be delayed with low meat yield)
→ Inside Water Washington State: Openings vary, depending on quality
→ Alaska: Southeast: June – November
→ British Columbia: Year-round
→ Available all year long
→ A wide variety of product forms meets every customer’s needs
→ Whole cooks are a great center of the plate presentation
→ Dungeness is the favorite crab of many seafood connoisseurs including Julia Child.

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