Dover Sole

Dover Sole – Microstomus pacificus

Dover Sole is one of the most abundant flat fish along the West Coast. Delicate, light and affordable, Dover Sole is perfect when you are looking for a wild fish to substitute for Tilapia. In fact, Pacific Dover is 1.6 times the biomass needed to be sustainable.
Bornstein Quality: Beginning in the 1930’s Bornstein Seafoods cut their teeth on groundfish including Dover. We have over 75 years of experience handling this West Coast staple. Typically sold in fillet form, we are capable of producing either block or IQF frozen whole round fish.
Primary Source: Alaska, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia
Fresh Fillets
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Frozen IQF Fillets
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→ All Year
Mild flavor make Dover a great fish for pairing with zesty ingredients.
Year round availability means consistent supply.
Excellent source of protein.
Price wise Dover is a wild option to Tilapia.

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