Complete Product Listing

Complete Product Listing

Oregon Shrimp

Round, Cooked/Peeled

250/350, 350/500, 500

Pandalus jordani/borealis

Dungeness Crab

Whole Cooked, Sections, Snap-N-Eats, Meat

Cancer magister

Pacific Rockfish:

Sabastes sp.







Skin-off/on fillets


Sabastes pinniger

Sabastes aleutianus

Sabastes borealis

Sabastes maliger

Sabastes nebulosus

Sabastes nigrocinctus

Channel Rock

H&G, Round, Collars, Heads

Sabastelobus sp.

Pacific Perch

Skin-off fillets, Round, H&G

Sabestes alutus

Ling Cod

H&G, Fillets (boned), Heads

Ophiodon elongatus

Pacific True Cod

H&G, Fillets (boned)

Gadus macrocephalus


Round, H&G, Fillets, Roe

Theragra chalcogramma

Black Cod

H&G, Fillets, Collars

Anoplopoma fimbri

Dover Sole

Round, H&G, Fillets

Microstomus pacificus

English Sole

Round, H&G, Fillets

Parophrys vetulus

Petrale Sole

Round, H&G, Fillets

Eopsetta jordani

Rock Sole

Round, H&G, Fillets

Lepidopsetta bilineata

Starry Flounder

Round, H&G, Fillets

Platichthys stellatus

Arrowtooth Flounder

Round, H&G, Fillets

Atheresthes stomias

Rex Sole

Round, Pan Ready

Glyptocephalus zichirus

Albacore Tuna

Round, Loins, Medallions

Thunnus alalunga

Pacific Halibut

H&G, Steak Ready, Fletches,

Steaks, Portions, Cheeks

Hippoglossus stenolepis

Spiny Dogfish


Squalus acanthias

Big Skate

Round, skatewing

Raja binoculata

Longnose Skate

Round, skatewing

Raja rhina

Pacific Sardines


Sardinops sagax

Northern Anchovy


Engraulis mordax

Chum Mackerel


Scomber japonicus

Pacific Whiting

Round, HGT, Fillets

Merluccius productus

Pacific Salmon:

Onchrhynchus sp.

Chinook Salmon-King

Coho Salmon

Chum Salmon

Pink Salmon

Sockeye Salmon-Reds

H&G, Fillets, Steaks

Portions, Wild, Farmed

Onchrhynchus tshawytscha

Onchrhynchus kisutch

Onchrhynchus keta

Onchrhynchus gorbuscha

Onchrhynchus nerka

Form, Pack, Size, and Grading will vary depending on the product. If there is a product you are looking for that is not on the list, please contact us. We want to be your Westcoast source and producer.
PortioningBornstein Seafood’s experienced team insures that your portioning solutions exceed expectations. Our products reflect a pride of workmanship and quality that ensures customer satisfaction. Whether you are looking for natural cut portions or shaped portions, let Bornsteins be your solution partner.
Retail Bag ProgramBornstein Seafood’s state of the art HACCP certified processing facilities provides retail bagging programs for a wide variety of products. Careful hand selection of only the highest quality direct sourced seafood gives Bornstein’s the ability to produce an unmatched quality product that our customers demand.
Custom Processing & Value-Added: Bornstein Seafood’s owns and operates two state-of-the-art processing facilities with large capacity holding freezers. Our professional staff process fresh and frozen fillets, steaks, portion control, vacuum packaging, smoked, and breaded – to just about any species of seafood on the market today. What ever the size or scope of project, Bornstein Seafoods has your solution.

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